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Apple to Open Huge Store in The Hague

Apple will open a new Apple Store in The Hague, the Netherlands. The new branch will be bigger than the Apple Store in Amsterdam, reported iPhoneclub based on anonymous sources.

The second official Apple store in the Netherlands might be located in the Hague Passage, a shopping area with old buildings right next to the Spuistraat, the main shopping area of The Hague. Apple would like to buy three properties.

In total, the area of ​​the new Apple Store will surpass the Amsterdam Apple store (2,500 square meters) .

The arrival of the Apple Store in The Hague has already been mentioned by the director of publisher Eburon, said iphone club. He mentioned on Twitter that the branch of Selexyz would make place for an Apple Superstore.

Various job vacancies that recently appeared online pointed to the opening of a new Apple Store. The Hague would also have been mentioned as a location.

Apple has not commented on the rumors.