Apple to Open First Retail Store in Amsterdam

Apple to Open First Retail Store in Amsterdam

While Apple has yet to make it official, multiple reports are saying that Apple plans to cut the ribbon on its first Dutch Apple retail store, a flagship location located at the landmark Hirsch building in Amsterdam, on February 18.

Both the Dutch site and Mac site Macrumors are reporting that the Cupertino-based company hopes Amsterdam is getting the first Apple retail store before the end of February.

One More Thing offer a number of details on plans for the store in Amsterdam, which seems to be headed for a February 18 opening.

According to reports, much of the store staff is currently in training at the Amsterdam Hilton, while Geniuses have been trained at a number of UK stores. A third-party company responsible for the maintenance services on the store once it is opened is reportedly set to begin work in mid-February, with One More Thing specifically claiming that the opening will take place on February 18.

Floor plans obtained by One More Thing show product displays and a massive 20-seat Genius Bar on the first level of the store, with additional product displays, third-party accessories, training and set-up, and a Briefing Room filling out the second floor. The store is topped with a pyramid-shaped glass roof over a portion of the sales floor, with the second floor left open as a void to allow the light to filter down to the first floor and increase the store’s openness. Offices for Apple’s operations in the region will be located on upper floors of the building.

With Apple’s iPad continuing to dominate the tablet market, total tablet sales in the U.S. nearly doubled, according to a new report.

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