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Apple unveils iPhone 4

Apple unveiled the newest version of the company’s popular smartphone: iPhone 4.

The new mobile device has more than one hundred new features and a completely new look, according to Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

“We think it’s the biggest leap we’ve taken since the original iPhone,” Jobs told an enthusiastic audience at the company’s annual developers conference. “We’re really proud of it.”

Jobs said iPhone 4 will be “the thinnest Smartphone on the planet” at 9.3 mm thick — 24 percent thinner than the iPhone 3GS, the company’s current model.

The device will have a front-facing camera for video conferencing, and the camera on the back will have an LED flash, Jobs said. The phone will have a 5-megapixel camera with a backside illuminated sensor, which he said is fairly new to smartphones.

The iPhone 4 will be redesigned with a glass back and metal around the sides. “Just gorgeous. And it’s really thin,” Steve Jobs said.

The phone comes in two colors — black and white — and will go on sale June 24 in the United States and four other countries. It will cost $199 for 16GB of storage and $299 for 32GB.

In July this will be extended to 23 countries including the Netherlands. In September, the smartphone will be available in 88 countries. The price in Euros has not yet officially been announced, but since prices in the U.S. are the same as the 3GS when it was announced, it is expected that this will be so in the Netherlands. Then a 3GS was about 200 Euros, depending on the type of iPhone and subscription.

Watch the official Apple iPhone 4 video below