Appsterdam To Become World Capital of Apps

Appsterdam To Become World Capital of Apps

Those who want to make movies go to Hollywood, and those who want to make apps will come to Appsterdam.

This weekend almost 200 developers will get together in Amsterdam to launch Appsterdam, says Mike Lee, founder of Appsterdam.

Currently, Amsterdam is a sizzling hotspot of creative companies in design and development of applications for Android and iPhone devices. Companies with familiar applications such as Layar and Mobypicture have established themselves in the capital.

Appsterdam is open to anyone. American developers who would like to escape the current political climate in the States. European programmers who would love to apply their talents across the Atlantic, but can’t because of immigration policies in the US. Creative professionals who want to contribute.

With the launch weekend coming up, Mikes confidence in Appsterdam is growing every day. “The developer culture here is picking up really fast and people are already starting to come over to join us from abroad. Ideas start blossoming at every meet-up. It’s amazing how many people are investing time, energy and love into Appsterdam. Together we are making it happen.

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