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Arcadis wins large environmental contract for U.S. Army

ARCADIS, the international consultancy, design, engineering and management services company, announced today that the company is party to a $20 million contract for the delivery of environmental and GIS services for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Work under the five year contract will mainly be performed in Germany, although it may also involve projects in Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands. No further financial details were disclosed. This is the second large contract with this client in Europe within a year, clearly demonstrating ARCADIS’ strong position in this market.

Under the contract ARCADIS will provide a wide range of services including surveying and monitoring of endangered species, GIS mapping with associated database work, water, wetland and biotope inventory work, possible nature compensation analysis and many more activities related to water and soil quality, sediments and erosion. Even though the work is primarily performed in the four countries mentioned, the contract is not limited to these areas or to the U.S. Army and may be used wherever the U.S. military is involved in supporting actions in Europe or where the US Army Corps of Engineers is requested to provide support. ARCADIS works together with CDM on this contract, as it does on the other agreement for this client.

Stephanie Hottenhuis, CEO for ARCADIS Germany said: “We are proud to be able to sign yet another important contract with this prestigious client for their European operations. Our experience in working with the Army Corps is extensive, allowing us to attune our services exactly to their needs, thus creating value for this client in the process.”