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Arcadis wins large enviromental project in Chile

ARCADIS, the international design, consulting, engineering and management services company, announced that it has won a large contract to perform an environmental impact assessment for an 800 km high voltage transmission line in southern Chile. The client for this project is Transelec, the leading energy transmission company in Chile. The project is related to the planned development of three hydroelectric power plants by Energía Austral Ltda. The value of the contract for ARCADIS totals US$11.5 million.

As a leading provider of environmental services in the world, ARCADIS has extensive experience in determining the environmental impacts of infrastructure investments. In this particular project, the company will assess the environmental effects of the power line construction along the entire route, including measures to mitigate these effects. The duration of the project is expected to be 14 months.

“Investments in energy infrastructure are a major requirement for continued economic growth in Chile. As a leading environmental company in Chile we can bring our international strengths in environmental impact assessments to these projects and assist our clients with including the environmental consequences in their decision making processes,” said Hernán Bezamat, CEO of ARCADIS in Chile.