Are you ready for Halloween, Amsterdam?

Are you ready for Halloween, Amsterdam?

In 2000 Amsterdam Spook organised one of the city’s very first Halloween parties for a small crowd of 150 people at Boom Chicago theatre.  13 years on, and the party has blossomed to venues such as Odeon and Felix Meritis and even branched out into a 6-day festival.

The goal has never been to be a big party, but to offer people an authentic, intimate and creative Halloween they’ll never forget! It is therefore with great pleasure that we invite you to join our 13th Halloween costume party. Inspired by dark fables & creepy bedtime stories, the 2013 theme is: Scarytales.

Halloween Party Boat
Amsterdam Central Station to Felix Meritis

Scarytales Halloween Costume Party
26 October, 22:00-05:00
Felix Meritis

Amsterdam Halloween Festival, 25-31 October
The 2013 festival programme includes an all-night horror movie marathon, costumed rollerskate, makeup workshops, haunted boat tours, kid’s event and more. For the complete programme, check

* Films announced & tickets on sale for Mr. Horror’s HALLOWEEN HORROR SHOW
Tickets are now on sale for Mr. Horror’s Halloween Horror show on 25 Oct in Pathé Tuschinski. Starting at midnight, the horror movie marathon will screen the premieres of: Curse of Chucky, Insidious: Chapter 2, Carrie and The World’s End. Tickets are € 25 and available via and at the cinema’s box office.

* New date for Halloween Run
These zombies don’t walk, they run! The date for Run2Days Halloween Run has been changed from 31 to 26 October. More info at

Amsterdam: the European capital of Halloween
Spook’s motivation for organising the Amsterdam Halloween Festival was to put Amsterdam on the map as the European (haunted) home of Halloween. In 2012, the festival attracted international media and guests and made it on a few lists including the top 5 destinations in the world for Halloween.

Last year, some 3,000 guests attended festival events. Halloween fans came from all over the Netherlands & the globe for bloody good fun: US, UK, Germany, Limburg, and even a group of 5 from Kuwait.

What sets Amsterdam Spook apart from the rest? The themes are original, the costumes are fun, the passion is authentic, the ideas are unique, the crowd is awesome and we’re ALL about Halloween! Curious? Check out the site for past parties!


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