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First Dutch officers arrive in Kunduz

The first Dutch officers arrived in the Afghan province of Kunduz, announced the Dutch Ministry of Defense.

A team of thirty men will start an integrated police-training mission to the Afghan province of Kunduz, which the Dutch House of Representatives recently approved.

In Kunduz agreements will be made on the use of infrastructure.

The preconditions for the logistical support have been discussed with Germany, which exercises in Kunduz. These are now being further completed.

23 men will stay for a short time in Afghanistan and only seven others will remain behind to act as liaison person between Afghanistan and the Netherlands.

The Dutch contribution will consist of a total of 545 people, to be stationed in Kunduz and in the capital, Kabul.

Four F-16s and support personnel will operate out of Mazar-e Sharif. In order to ensure force protection, for the personnel not stationed in Kabul the Netherlands will tie in with a German project aimed at building stone and concrete accommodation.