Amsterdam Zoo Artis Celebrates Baby Boom

Amsterdam Zoo Artis Celebrates Baby Boom

To celebrate the baby boom in Amsterdam zoo Artis, ad agency Dawn came up with outdoor stickers inspired by the car-window-stickers.

Since the stickers can be removed and reused, it is the first outdoor campaign that can physically go viral.

Artis boasts some of the most beautiful 19th century architecture in Amsterdam, of which the Aquarium is a fine example.

Marvel at the stories nature has to tell you. See giraffes strolling with wildebeest, zebras, springbok and oryx, look under the water of an Amsterdam Canal an study planets and stars in the Planetarium. Or visit an exhibition in the Zoological Museum.

Artis Royal Zoo is a truly remarkable place where nature meets culture and where knowledge merges with pleasure.

Artis babyboom from Dawn Amsterdam on Vimeo.

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