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Ash cloud heads towards the Netherlands

About 500 flights were cancelled due to the eruption of the Grimsvötn volcano in Iceland traffic controller Eurocontrol said on Tuesday.

Eurocontrol said there was a strong possibility the cloud would now move to parts of the Netherlands, Denmark, as well as Norway and Sweden, but that the impact on flights was expected to be limited.

According to the Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre (VAAC) in London, today areas of high ash concentration were over northern parts of the United Kingdom. As a result, approximately 500 flights were cancelled from the approximately 29,000 that would have been expected today across Europe.

According to the VAAC predictions, there is a strong possibility that the ash cloud may impact parts of the Netherlands, Denmark, southern Norway and south-west Sweden by tomorrow. This would have some impact on flights.

However, given the new procedures in place and the predicted movement of the ash cloud over the coming days, the actual impact on flights is expected to be relatively low.

According to Eurocontrol airspace will not be closed, but the airlines will decide themselves whether or not they will fly.

KLM cancelled flights to and from Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh, as well as some to Newcastle.

Photo Credit: Icelandic Met Office