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Axe launches its first fragrance for women

Axe is launching a new fragrance – Anarchy – which will be marketed in different versions for men and women.

Since Axe was first launched in 1984, it has been targeted at young men. But now the brand is introducing a new fragrance – Anarchy – which will be marketed in different versions for men and women.

The Anarchy women’s variant is being released as a limited edition with the possibility of it becoming a permanent part of Axe’s line-up.

A TV ad campaign using the strapline ‘Unleash the chaos’ is scheduled to begin running in the US at the end of January, supported by digital and outdoor activity.

A teaser campaign called ‘Axe: Anarchy is coming’ launched online at the start of the month. This includes a graphic novel created with consumers’ suggestions incorporated into the plotline, and with some fans being depicted in the comic.

Possibly the most original Axe campaign ever
Global Brand Manager Ali Kashani explains why the team came up with the concept behind the launch: “To build Axe’s iconic brand status, we have to surprise young people again and again. This is possibly the most original Axe campaign ever. With a fragrance that’s also for girls, the idea is that we will generate so much attraction it will turn into chaos.”

Female Facebook fans
Ali adds: “This story resonates with the real life of young people where both guys and girls are actively involved in the mating game.” This is backed up by the fact that, of Axe’s 2.3 million ‘likes’ on Facebook, about a quarter are by women.

Global roll-out
Following the US launch, Anarchy will be rolled out in more than 60 countries. Axe – known as Lynx in the UK – is one of Unilever’s most global brands and the biggest male deodorant brand in the world. Axe/Lynx has become famous for its witty commercials about attraction.