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BAM Nuttall wins major contract to ‘Clear, Connect and Complete’ Olympic Park in London

Olympic Park Legacy Company has awarded BAM Nuttall (the UK civil engineering company of Royal BAM Group nv) contracts to ‘Clear, Connect and Complete’ the Olympic Park. BAM Nuttall has won two separate contracts to deliver €90 million (£76 million) of improvement work in the North Park and South Park areas of the site.

The construction work is expected to take up to 18 months, although the Legacy Company has structured its phasing so that sections of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park will be opened to the public from summer 2013.

The contract includes removal of several temporary venues, such as a warm-up track, a basketball arena, water polo pool and spectator stands and the Athletes’ Training Centre at Eton Manor (temporary venue). BAM Nuttall will also connect the surrounding communities to the heart of the Park with new footways and cycle paths. This will require the reconfiguration of 30 Games-time bridges and underpasses to improve public access.

Several facilities will be converted for alternative use, for example the Press and Broadcast Centre will be prepared for incoming tenants after removing the catering village and gantry. Photovoltaic panels and cladding will be added to the car park. BAM Nuttall will create the Velopark including the addition of a 1.6 km outdoor cycle circuit and a 6.5 km mountain bike trail. The activities also include the creation of Eton Manor sports Complex for Hockey and Tennis and reinstating twelve football pitches at East Marsh. The contract also includes doubling the amount of parkland to 102 hectares, including the planting of a further 2,000 trees, ten hectares of meadow, new lawns and two large allotment sites.

With these two prestigious contracts BAM Nuttall will maintain its long association with the Olympic Park site, which currently spans some four years. The company has been involved in the successful delivery of numerous projects at the Olympic Park including the original site preparation, the construction of bridges and a great deal of landscaping work.

Source BAM