Bananas increase the chance of giving birth to a boy

The diet of women has influence on the sex of the child. According to a new British research.

Women with who have a considerable appetite, which gets down a lot of calcium rich food, have more chance of a boy.

The theory that eating bananas increase the chance on a boy, is true.

The universtiteit of Exeter gave a questionnaire concerning their eating habits to seven hundred British women who were pregnant for the first time and did not know the sex of their child.

Of the women with the highest calorie diet, but still within the health standard, 56 per cent got a boy. Of the women who ate less calories, only 45 per cent got a boy.

Women who eat at least one portion of fiber breakfast a day, had even 87 per cent more chance of getting a boy then women who ate less than a portion per week.

  • SickofIgnorance

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOKK!!! So its true because a questionnaire was handed to an undisclosed number of people asking them about appetite, diet and 87% had the baby boy common denominator? Ya that sounds scientific! GARBAGE!!

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