Be a Man of the World in a Snakeskin Jacket

Be a Man of the World in a Snakeskin Jacket

Heineken USA premiered new television advertising for the Heineken Light brand today, kicking-off a holistic summer marketing effort and debuting a new campaign under the “Be a Man of the World” platform. The film can also be viewed on Heineken’s YouTube Channel and Facebook Page beginning today.

Rather than settling for constantly mediocre instances and routines, the campaign celebrates consumers and their “occasionally perfect” experiences. While every occasion is not right for Heineken Light, the beer is a perfect fit for those situations that call for something a little more unique, special and upscale.

The first spot in the series, “Snakeskin Jacket,” follows our Man of the World character as he encounters everyday situations where his fabulous snakeskin jacket may not be the most appropriate and goes completely unappreciated, such as playing golf or sitting at a boardroom meeting. Our hero’s confidence and social prowess shines through, however, when he finds himself among a unique and eclectic crowd at a secret offshore charity snake-fighting event. Our character celebrates the moment with a Heineken Light, because this unique occasion is perfect for this particular beer.

The integrated campaign, created by Wieden+Kennedy New York, was developed in alignment with the award winning, global Heineken Lager “Legends” ad series (“The Entrance” and “The Date“) created by the agency’s Amsterdam office.

The first film in the series, “Snakeskin Jacket” will debut on national TV July 1, and will be supported by an additional spot, “Moustache”, in July. There are also plans to launch interactive consumer experiences to build equity and excitement in the marketing campaign, including the most aggressive trial program since the brand’s launch; have one million people try Heineken Light this year.


  1. Edgy, risky..Love it! Finally an ad which stands out from the average reassuring happyland of advertising. Scare them up! You’ll make them yours. Actor good, set up great. No surprise it’s a Noam Murro work.

  2. Italian actor Rocco Di Gregorio

  3. Wow. Cool story!

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