Behind the scenes with Doutzen Kroes on the latest Victoria’s Secret holiday video

Dutch supermodel Doutzen Kroes takes the camera behind the scenes on the Victoria’s Secret Holiday 2012 shoot.

Doutzen Kroes is at the gorgeous Marble House in Newport RI as she shoots the Victoria’s Secret Holiday 2012 TV campaign with Michael Bay, the American director known for directing high-budget action films characterised by phenomenal special effects including Armageddon, Pearl Harbor and Transformers.

I’m so excited today because were in Newport, Rhode Island shooting the new Victoria’s Secret holiday commercial,’ she tells the camera in the access-all-areas video.

As she struts inside wearing a white bra and open shirt, the camera shows the stunning location as she says: ‘It’s an amazing house, as you can imagine there’s so much marble, gold and paintings and it’s incredible.’

27-year-old Doutzen continues: ‘I was just shooting with Michael in there and the light was so beautiful and it was like sunset light.

‘You see the images after and it’s all in slow motion and it almost looks like I’m doing kind of a dance; I mean I’m really happy with it.’

‘We shot in this golden room with all this candle light and it was so romantic and such a beautiful shot. I cant wait to see it,’ added Doutzen.

Watch Doutzen Kroes at a behind the scenes glimpse of the day in the life of an Angel on set.

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