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Belgian Royals eating Belgian waffles in New York

Belgium’s Crown Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde are in the United States for a trade mission that will last until June 30.

Their first stop is New York where the royal couple had a walked in Central Park. There was a so-called photo opportunity with the press site where Filip and Mathilde also ate a Belgian waffle from ‘Waffles & Dinges’.

The future king and queen of Belgium tried the waffle plain, without powdered sugar even! The royal visitors were highly impressed with the quality of the Belgian waffles.

Belgium native Thomas DeGeest runs his own waffle truck—which he parks at various locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn. DeGeest, 38, was tired of his predictable life. After 12 years as a management consultant for IBM, the native Belgian was faced with a choice: continue the next 20 years in a predictable career or follow his entrepreneurial dream of sharing his favorite childhood treat–authentic Belgian waffles.

Now, instead of traveling the country in a suit and tie, he travels the streets of New York City in an apron, selling freshly made waffles out of a yellow mobile truck.

DeGeest spent a year perfecting his recipes while still employed at IBM, eventually taking a leave of absence when he started Waffles and Dinges in October 2007. A month later, however, he resigned.