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Geenstijl Founder Dominique Weesie Wins Best Dutch Blogger Award

The founder of weblog GeenStijl, Dominique Weesie, has been named Dutch Blogger of the Decade. That was announced by the foundation “Dutch Bloggies” in The Hague.

The jury called Weesie the key figure behind the unprecedented success of blog GeenStijl which made an “indelible impression” on blogging in the Netherlands.

Former Telegraph journalist Weesie founded GeenStijl in the spring of 2003. He said his site informs, “more than 230,000 daily visitors on the other side of the news”.

It was the last time the Dutch Bloggies were awarded for Best Dutch weblogs.

The foundation closes itself after tonight, because the founders believe that the use of weblogs has been overtaken by social media like Twitter and Facebook.