BlackBerry Still Hugely Popular in the Netherlands

BlackBerry Still Hugely Popular in the Netherlands

RIM’s BlackBerry might be on a sustained losing streak against Android and the iPhone around the world but it is still packing in new users in the Netherlands, research GfK Retail & Technology has reported.

Significantly, 85 percent of new BlackBerry sales came from customers that had previously used conventional phone handsets, with the majority of upgraders being women. This could reflect the BlackBerry’s good reputation as a texting device, a mobile application reckoned to be a particular priority for women.

The reported success chimes with RIM’s claim last week that it had added over one million new subscribers in three weeks across Europe, the Middle East and Africa sales region, but leaves its poor showing in specific countries unexplained.

Globally, the damage is being done mainly by Android, which is growing everywhere, and to some extent by the popular iPhone.

BlackBerry is also the best selling smartphone in the UK and South Africa. 67 million people worldwide have a BlackBerry according to RIM. In late November there were 55 million.

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