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Dutch bloggers must pay for embedded music videos

Dutch collective rights society Buma wants to charge money from all Dutch bloggers and web site owners for embedding of audio and video material. This means that anyone with a YouTube video on his blog can face charges. Webloggers and musicians react indignantly to the plan. Also the Dutch government have their questions about the tax plan.

The new tax scheme will start from January 1, 2010 and will affect many people. The Netherlands has about one million bloggers and another 9 million Hyvers. Many of those pages contain mostly links to Youtube-clips. Buma/Stemra is willing to fine bloggers up to 130 Euros per year for up to six movies they dare to embed on their websites or blogs. Those who use more will pay more.

Several political parties in The Netherlands have already stated that they are concerned about Buma/Stemra’s intentions, posing questions about the juridical grounds for the new licensing fees and publicly wondering if it’s actually a smart idea to refrain music fans from spreading the work of their favorite artists.