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Bluetooth to measure Dutch traffic jams

The Dutch Traffic Service (VID) will measure traffic jams by bluetooth. The wireless technology is used in many mobile phones for example handsfree phone kits.

The VID gets a more complete picture of the places where traffic jams are by measuring where cars drive with bluetooth, said the traffic department on Monday.

Also the system should lead to a better estimate of the expected travel time.

The VID started early this year with the rollout of the VID Bluetooth system (MBM).

The bluetooth cabinets are designed to complement the registration of license plates that the VID already uses.

One advantage of the new boxes is that they are cheaper to use. This is because a box can track all lanes in both directions, something the cameras with license plate registration lack.

However, more observations are needed for a reliable system. Each car has a license plate, but not every car has bluetooth on board.