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Botlek Tank Terminal into operation

Phase I of the construction of Botlek Tank Terminal has been commissioned successfully.
Last Sunday, 4 December, BTT discharged 4,000 tonnes of biodiesel from a tanker and stored it. The next day, 3,000 tonnes of biodiesel were discharged from a tank barge and stored in the same tankpit.

Construction of the first phase started end of April 2010 and involved an investment of about
€ 70 million. Construction was executed by the Polish company Polimex-Mostostal, within budget and on schedule.

BTT has 34 storage tanks, providing a combined storage capacity of 200,000 m3, of which 130,000 m3 is earmarked for clean fuels and 70,000 m3 for edible oils and biodiesel. The terminal’s 420 meter jetty can accommodate two seagoing vessels of up to 115,000 DWT and two barges simultaneously.

(Photo: Aerolin).

Source: Botlek Tank Terminal 5-12-2011