Brains Unlimited opened by King Willem-Alexander

Brains Unlimited opened by King Willem-Alexander

Amid great interest, His Majesty King Willem-Alexander officially opened the Brains Unlimited scanner building at Maastricht University today. With the arrival of the last piece of the brain puzzle, the king gave the green light for the launch of the brand new MRI facility.

Brains Unlimited is the MRI platform at the Maastricht Health Campus for research into the functioning of the human brain. fMRI is used here to chart the mechanisms underlying not only healthy brains, but also many common diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, schizophrenia and MS. The cherry on the cake of the scanner lab was the recent arrival of one of only four 9.4 Tesla scanners worldwide. The MRI scanners are provided by Siemens Healthcare Nederland. The location also serves as the new home for the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience and for spin-off companies (Biopartner Centre Maastricht).

Brains Unlimited has a unique, open innovation structure. Via Scannexus BV, users from beyond Maastricht’s own academic community can benefit from the facilities, expertise and network of Brains Unlimited. And this does not stop at brain research: two of the three scanners are also suitable for full body scans.

photographer: Arjen Schmitz

A video report of the opening can be found on the Maastricht University website.


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