Breda City Proud Of New Web Site

The Dutch city of Breda is “proud” of their new web site which according to a Dutch newspaper costs a ridiculously high amount of Euro 424.000.

According to the city, the site has become so expensive because of “high standards of security and privacy, ” reports the magazine Internal Administration.

The responsible alderman says other cities have spent similar high amounts on their site.

ICT expert Annemarie van Campen says in the radio program WNL should only cost tens of thousands of Euros.

“We are now 24 / 7 available and the website looks great. Everything is available online,” said the alderman and he said that more Dutch cities have spent a similar amount.

Breda spent 236,000 euros “to meet legal requirements according to the final invoice.

In WNL it became clear this morning that there are no legal requirements when it comes to building sites.

How much do think a government web site should cost? leave you comment below.

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