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Britney Spears wears Lingerie by Marlies Dekkers

Britney Spears loves Marlies Dekkers. The American pop star wears again a tempting bra designed by the Dutch lingerie designer in her latest video clip.

The teaser of Britney’s new video can be seen on YouTube. It is not the first time that La Spears wears a set of the Dutch Lingerie queen.

She has been spotted in a Marlies Dekkers lingerie set during her Circus tour in 2009.

Britney Spears earned half one million U.S. dollars from so-called “product placements” in her latest video clip, according to entertainment website

According to TMZ dating site paid “a few hundred thousand dollars” to appear in the video. That gave instant results, the percentage of visitors went up by twenty percent. The clip Hold it Against Me show also shows ads for perfumes, cameras, make-up products and electronics.

Spears’ single has been number one in the major charts in the U.S., but has now dropped to number 10.