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Burglaries on the Decline in the Netherlands

The number of burglaries has to decrease by 30% in the next few years. The number of burglaries has to be brought back to 65,000 by 2017. Minister Opstelten of Security and Justice agreed with the police, the Public Prosecution Service, authorities and other parties to better tackle burglaries in the next few years. Also the successful tackling of robbery, violence and hold-ups will be continued without restrictions.

The focus in the fight against these so called high impact crimes is on increasing the chances of arrest, confiscating criminal assets and a careful approach of the victim. These are crimes with a large impact on the victim, his immediate environment and sense of security in society. The approach briefly comes down to a joint problem oriented approach by all government bodies and private parties. The approach by the police and the public Prosecution Service of hold-ups, robbery and violence is fruitful. Good results have been achieved for these high impact crimes in the past few months. That is why the continued approach will be firm.

The police and the Public Prosecution Service have chosen a perpetrator oriented approach in the fight against the high impact crimes. They focus on potential perpetrators and robbers released earlier will be more sharply supervised. The rate of catching people in the act will increase for instance by the use of special squads and helicopters. In addition, also prevention has to contribute in reducing the number of high impact crimes. There are already hundreds of local projects to decrease the number of hold-ups for instance. The police, authorities and private parties, such as companies will worktogether more closely on prevention.

Hold-ups are being tackled according to schedule. The number of hold-ups was decreased in 2012 (1982) to already the intended level for before 2014 (1900) The chance of catching people in the act is the highest of all four categories of high impact crimes. Where there was a (finalized) suspect in less than half of the cases in 2009, that will be the case in almost 3/4 of the case by the end of 2014.

The number of robberies was reduced in 2012 to less than 8000. The number is still too high. But the trend has been turned. This number has to be reduced by 2014 to at least the objective of 6557. Where there was a suspect in 2009 in less than 1/3 of the cases, that will be substantially higher in 2014. In almost 1 out of 2 cases there will be a supect then. The further strengthening of the chance to catch people in the act is crucial in tackling this crime.

For violent crimes the number of registered crimes went down in 2012 in comparison with 2011. That does not alter the fact that well over 99 thousand crimes had been registered by the end of 2012. The chance of catching people in the act is thus higher than the original objective. There will be a suspect in 2/3 of all cases by 2014, where in 2009 that was the case in less than half of the cases.

In 2011, almost 88,761 burglaries were registered. This increased by 2.6% to 91,153 last year. It concerned attempted burglary in one third of the cases. A positive factor is that the number of burglary suspects stopped by the police increased from 5,186 in 201 to 6,531 in 2012, an increase of 26 percent. The current level of burglaries is too high and the percentage of cases solved too low. All organisations will go all out in the coming years to reduce the number of burglaries by 30 percent.

Source: Dutch Government