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Number of burglaries soars in the Netherlands

The number of home burglaries in the Netherlands have surged 15 percent last year.

There were more than 63,433 reported burglaries in 2008 and over ten thousand more in 2010, writes Dutch newspaper Metro on Friday.

The clearance rate, or percentage of burglaries solved, is slipping, with only six to seven percent solved crimes.

That low rate is because many burglars, who are arrested for dozens of committed burglaries, are only convicted for one or two crimes according to the newspaper.

The cause of the increase in burglaries due to improved security, according to the Council of Police Chief Constables. “About 25 percent of the reported burglaries are for attempted burglary.

The burglar must do more work for his loot, because houses are better protected.

The intruder now sometimes needs three attempts before he can enter a home, “said a spokesman