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Business students from around the world compete in the Netherlands

This year, the Maastricht University School of Business and Economics is organising the third international case competition for business students from around the world. From 22 to 28 April, sixteen teams from North America, Oceania, Asia and Maastricht will compete during the 2012 International Case Competition @Maastricht (ICC @M) to devise solutions to real-life problems proposed by three companies.

Each team of four bachelor’s students must solve various business cases within a specified timeframe and present their results to a jury consisting of top representatives from the company involved in the case, top representatives from other companies and senior academic staff. The students must draw on their expertise, knowledge and experience to propose solutions to these problems, which can then be implemented in the participating companies.

Case competition
During the ICC @M week, participants will be given three cases to solve. The first two will have a three hour time limit and the last case will have a 24 hour time limit. The four teams with the highest score after three rounds will proceed to the finals where they will present their solutions to a jury, again consisting of representatives from the company involved in the case, representatives from other companies and scholars.

Corporate Events
In addition to the case competition, various workshops will be organised in collaboration with the participating companies. Students and staff from Maastricht University, students from other institutions and professionals are all welcome to attend. Workshops will also be organised by Medtronic, Document Services Valley/Océ, ABN-AMRO/Dialogues Incubator, DHL and APG (pension provider)

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