Business ties between China and the Netherlands intensified

Business ties between China and the Netherlands intensified

On 21 and 22 September 2012, the City of Amsterdam, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency are jointly organising the China Holland Business Summit, Amsterdam 2012. The province of Noord-Holland is a strategic partner. The goal of this summit is to help Chinese companies to do business in Europe, and to match Dutch businesses with strong Chinese partners.

Following the successful opening of ICBC (Europe) S.A. Amsterdam in 2011, ICBC, the City of Amsterdam, and the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency have strengthened their cooperation to assist Chinese companies in their ongoing global strategies.

During the China Holland Business Summit, 40 prominent Chinese companies will visit Amsterdam and attend a seminar on doing business in the Netherlands. These companies will also engage in individual talks with potential Dutch partners, and discuss opportunities to trade with and invest in the Netherlands. Participants from China represent both state-owned and private companies from various sectors such as energy, fashion, electronics, and machinery.

“China is one of the focus countries for us when it comes to foreign investments,” said Amsterdam Mayor Eberhard van der Laan. “Amsterdam is very pleased to partner up with ICBC in taking the next step towards strengthening the trade relations between China and the Netherlands.”

Yi Huiman, vice president ICBC: “At present the recovery of the global economy is difficult, and the consequences of the financial crises can still be felt. In these circumstances, to hold this summit, to create a platform between Chinese and Dutch companies, to concentrate the wisdom of both sides, promote concrete cooperation, meet challenges together and join forces to push forward the economic recovery and development of the two countries, is of the utmost significance.”

Minister Verhagen of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation: “The Netherlands is an interesting place for Chinese companies to invest in. We have a highly educated population, infrastructure is good and our companies belong to the best in the world when it comes to innovation. At the same time, Chinese investment in the Netherlands results in jobs and income here. A win-win situation.”

The Netherlands is home to around 300 Chinese companies, of which approximately 30% are located within the Amsterdam region. The number of Chinese companies in Amsterdam is growing rapidly, and has doubled in the last 5 years. The accessibility of Amsterdam is an important factor in attracting Chinese companies to the Netherlands. There are 58 direct flights weekly from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to 8 different cities in the Greater China Region.

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