Business Wire Expands Dutch Distribution via New Agreement with Novum Nieuws

Business Wire Expands Dutch Distribution via New Agreement with Novum Nieuws

Business Wire announced that it has entered a distribution agreement with Novum Nieuws, the fastest-growing news agency in the Netherlands, which reaches an audience of millions via a combination of traditional, online and social media platforms.

Novum reaches virtually all the major media in the Netherlands via its text, video, photo and audio services. Business Wire’s multimedia content, accompanied by a Dutch summary translation, will leverage the Novum network to reach the desktops of Dutch journalists at print and broadcast organizations in the Netherlands. The new distribution agreement went into effect January 1, 2012.

Business Wire releases are made available to leading Dutch websites served by Novum, including NRC,,, Metro, Nederlands Dagblad and DePers.

“We are pleased that Business Wire has selected Novum as its distribution platform in the Dutch market,” said Bram Bloemberg, managing director, Novum Nieuws. “Business Wire’s large customer base will be assured of broad distribution to national, regional and local media. Novum’s network provides saturation coverage of the Dutch territory and includes sophisticated social media distribution.”

“Novum’s multi-channel platform is a perfect complement to Business Wire’s distribution model,” said Cathy Baron Tamraz, the company’s CEO, in making today’s announcement. “Novum’s emphasis on online visibility and social media, coupled with direct access to mainstream media, mirrors Business Wire’s strategic approach to maximize media coverage — and significantly increases the client’s return on investment.”

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