Cardcloud is your online business card

Cardcloud is your online business card

Tens of billions of paper business cards are printed worldwide each year, with reason: people want to exchange their contact details quickly and effortlessly. Following up on this dated medium is far from efficient, and meeting context gets lost when many cards have been exchanged.

Cardcloud aims to transition paper business cards to the next level, by providing a platform that handles new connections through digital card exchanges via mobile applications and the web.

With Cardcloud, user create an online business card directly from their mobile phone, and can share their cards with anyone. Recipients don’t require to have an app installed to be able to receive cards.

– Users sign up by selecting their own vCard from the mobile app, and can start exchanging cards within seconds. Alternatively, they can sign up through the website. Cards can be sent through a standard desktop browser as well.

– Cardcloud uses the universal vCard file format as a base for the business cards, and augmenting that with visual and contextual layers. Users can visually customize the cards by adding profile pictures and/or company logos – and apart from contact information, Cardcloud offers support for over 80 online profile services to be added to the card.

– The contextual layer provides additional information about each card transaction. Cardcloud stores geolocation for both cards sent by e-mail, as well as phone to phone exchanges.

– Cardcloud mobile applications synchronize all new contacts with the website, allowing users to add new contacts directly to a devices local address book, or keep them separated.

– Multiple cards can be created for different scenarios or companies.

Cardcloud is available for free in the iTunes app store (, or on (

Cardcloud is partnering with conferences to offer specific networking features tailored at innovative events and trade fairs. Contact [email protected] (mailto:[email protected]) to inquire about our offerings.

The Amsterdam-based startup, founded as a hardware company called ‘My Name is E’, focused on mobile applications and their web service by opening a public beta in December of 2010. After months of testing and getting feedback from tens of thousands of new users the company will continue operations internationally from Amsterdam, New York and San Francisco under the name of Cardcloud. The company is currently hiring ( 

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