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Charlie Sheen is reborn in new Bavaria Beer Commercial

Charlie Sheen is featuring in the new Bavaria Beer commercial.

In the new commercial of Dutch brewery Bavaria we see how Charlie Sheen leaves the ‘rehab clinic’. He drives home totally fresh and reborn. Along the way he makes a strange discovery.

A sober Charlie sees on his journey home nothing else than people drinking beer. Pregnant women drink from the bottle, joggers quench their thirst with swigs of chilled beer, even policemen and taxi drivers drinking beer in broad daylight.

Once home, Charlie is welcomed by his friends and show the beer is non-alcoholic.

Charlie succeeds celebrities like Hugh Hefner, Marco van Basten, Maradona, Joan Collins, Don Johnson and Mickey Rourke, who previously played roles in a Bavaria commercial.

Bavaria got a lot of attention with the DutchDress, a premium targeted at women instead of men and used as ambush marketing tool during last year’s World Championships football in South Africa and causing priceless amounts of PR.