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Dutchman makes Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding Cake

Chelsea Clinton ordered her wedding cake from the famed La Tulipe Desserts, run by Dutch pastry chef Maarten Steenman.

The Dutch bakery is the proud creator of the beautiful wedding cake for the former U.S. president Bill Clinton married daughter Chelsea.

The Dutch-born master baker got the extremely important task to create the American society wedding cake in January. “I know the Clintons because they live a bit further here. I have often made pastry work for them,” said Maarten Steenman proud from his current residence in Mount Kisco, New York.

The husband and wife team met nineteen years ago while employed at a small bakery in Mount Kisco, New York. They envisioned opening their own patisserie. The Dutch-born Maarten is a second-generation pastry chef with extensive experience as an apprentice at the finest patisseries in Europe.

Steenman moved to the U.S. after several internships. In Mount Kisco, he opened his own shop twelve years ago, La Tulipe Desserts.

The former first daughter ordered her vegan wedding cake from La Tulipe Desserts in Westchester, known for their amazing pastry work! Based in Mt. Kisco, New York and run by husband and wife Maarten and Frances Steenman.

The bakery specializes in exquisite desserts! Everything from tarts and pies to cookies and, of course, wedding cakes!