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Chihuahua becomes police dog

A Chihuahua named Momo has passed the exam to become a police dog in Japan, in what seems to be a first.

Tiny Momo, or ‘Peach,’ was reportedly able to locate a person in a mere five minutes after sniffing their cap, and was chosen specifically for her size, which allows her to more adeptly navigate small areas during emergency operations, such as rescue efforts after earthquakes.

The seven-year-old Momo, who weighs less than 3kg, underwent the canine police test on Nov. 12 along with much bigger dogs, including German shepherds.

Its small size means it will be able to squeeze into places too narrow for dogs such as German Shepherds. Of the 70 dogs tested, Momo passed along with 31 others and will begin work in January.

Chihuahuas, named after a Mexican state, are one of the smallest breeds of dog.