Dutch Children Learn Too Little About Money

Dutch Children Learn Too Little About Money

Dutch Elementary school students do not learn enough and the same amount about how to handle money.

A quarter of all primary schools in the Netherlands pays no attention to this subject, according to research by the Dutch National Institute of Budget Information (Nibud) with elementary school directors.

According Nibud 270,000 Dutch children remain deprived of a good money education. While almost all primary school directors (91 percent) say they feel responsible for these classes, one quarter don’t give this education due to time constraints and the fact that it is not in the school program said Nibud.

The study was conducted by Market Research DUO. Approximately 750 (deputy) directors of primary schools were asked to complete an online questionnaire. In total, 307 managers completed the survey.

Nibud says they are shocked by the outcome and wants the public education on money management rooted in the class offerings. Until that has not happened, the organization has a curriculum available to schools to facilitate attention to this subject.

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