Chinese Companies Expand in Amsterdam

Chinese Companies Expand in Amsterdam

Companies from China are increasingly setting up shop in the Netherlands to avoid trade barriers and to learn better ways to prosper.

A number of Chinese companies with offices in Amsterdam are expanding here and a new Chinese IT company will come to the capital.

This is one of the outcomes of a trade visit to Peking by the city of Amsterdam last week, led by Mayor Eberhard van der Laan, reported the municipality Sunday.

Huawei, China’s largest telecom and IT company, expands this year in Amsterdam. This will probably create 100 direct jobs in the first year. Huawei already accounts for 300 jobs in the capital. Huawei praises the availability of highly skilled and flexible personnel in the Amsterdam Area.

Almost 300 Chinese companies are based in the Netherlands at the moment, of which approximately 30 percent are located in the Amsterdam region.

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