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Christina Curry in real-life soap on MTV

Soon you can follow the ups and downs of Christina Curry in her Real-life soap.

The life of the 19-year-old daughter of Patricia Paay and Adam Curry will be featured in her own reality show on MTV.

“It is like The Hills,” says Curry. “But with more alternative girls.” Not only the music channel will follow Curry’s life, but also Peaches Geldof will be seen in the reality show. The 21-year-old Peaches is the daughter of Bob Geldof. Christina knows Peaches from London.

Christina will move back to the United States for the reality show. She lived with her parents in London for several years, but she moved after the divorce of Patricia and Adam.

Today Patricia calls Amsterdam her home, Adam moved to the US with Micky Hoogendijk. “She is very sweet and makes my dad happy, that’s the key,” says Christina about her stepmother.

Christina has no boyfriend at the moment. “No, I’ve been here. I have no time for a boyfriend, it’s too much work. It’s like a dog always needs care,” she says.