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All Kids Want For Christmas Is An iPad

The Apple iPad is the most desired Christmas present among kids this year, according to research released by Nielsen.

The iPad took the No. 1 spot in a 17-item list, with 31% of children 6 to 12 saying they wanted to find one of Apple’s blockbuster tablets under the tree.

The study, which was conducted in October, includes 17 different kinds of popular electronic devices currently on the market, including TVs, game consoles and various kinds of mobile phones.

The Nielsen report noted that the iPad and the iPod Touch both outpaced perennial handheld gaming favorites Nintendo DS (sought after by 25%) and Sony PlayStation Portable (wanted by14%) among those surveyed.

Another Apple product made the list, as well. The Nielsen survey showed that 20% of kids want an iPhone. Another 21% said they want a smartphone that’s not an iPhone.

Apple has long talked about iPod touch and iPhone becoming a major player in the handheld gaming market, and these survey results would seem to back that up.