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Christmas Star explodes over the Netherlands

Many people in the Netherlands witnessed a large “fireball” meteor in the sky on Christmas Eve around half past five pm. The very bright meteor held up for one minute, according to the first witnesses.

The fireball meteor slowly travelled across the Dutch sky on Christmas eve, before exploding above the Netherlands, an expert says.

The remarkable ‘Christmas star’ was possibly a big chunk of space junk. Perhaps even the last stage of the Soyuz rocket that brought Dutch astronaut André Kuipers up to the ISS earlier this week. Also on Twitter people reported on the phenomenon.

About one hundred reports have been received from people who have seen the fireball.

UPDATE: Turns out the fireball described below was the re-entry of the Soyuz booster that brought Expedition 30 up to the International Space Station a few days ago, according to Bad Astronomy.

If you did see it, and have pictures or video, please leave a comment below with a link!