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Dutch City Hub Hotel storms hotel market with sleeping cabins

A hotel room for 20 Euros a night? Soon that will be possible; entrepreneurs Sem Schuurkes (27) and Pieter van Tilburg (25) are going to rent out sleep cabins with their business City Hub Hotels.

Amsterdam’s CityHub hotel will offer self-contained sleeping Hubs and an active online community aimed at “shoppers, culture geeks and socializers.”

CityHub Hotels, the name of their concept, doesn’t require high investment costs. It begins with an empty building. Instead of rooms, Schuurkes and van Tilburg will install simple, standard sleep cabins. These cabins have a two-persons bed, a plank for a suitcase, lighting, windows and a door with a lock. Bathrooms are shared with other guests. Pretty much all services will be outsourced: catering, cleaning, maintenance. This keeps the costs down: “Real estate costs and personnel are the biggest costs for a hotel,” said Schuurkes. “And that’s where we save money.”

Schuurkes and van Tilburg will roll the concept out themselves at first, beginning with Amsterdam.