Holland has the cleanest Beach water

The water of the Dutch coast is the cleanest in the European Union. This was announced by the European Commission. All 86 examined locations along the coast proved to be clean. The Greek coast stands on the second spot. Cyprus follows on the third place.

From the annual swim water research of the European Commission it became clear that the major part of the swimming water in the European Union is safe and satisfies to the European standards. The water of 95 per cent of the European beach resorts qualified for swimming and from rivers and ponds only 89 per cent is qualified.

Approximately 3 per cent of the European swimming locations lie in the Netherlands. In our country all coastal waters and nearly all (97 per cent) swimming spots in sweet waters are safe.

The European Commission conducts annually a research for to the quality of swimming water in the EU. Member States are obliged to bring out a report of the quality of their waters.

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