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Real-time co-shopping with friends

The Dutch online retailer OTTO launches a unique group discount campaign with real-time co-shopping. OTTO offers her visitors the opportunity to earn discount on all fashion items if they invite friends to shop together live with the ShopWithYourFriends social shopping application. The more friends you’ll invite, the more discount you and your friends will get! The discount can reach up to 20% when you shop together in real-time with 5 friends. With this campaign, OTTO is the worlds’ first online retailer to launch with group discounts based on real-time co-shopping. This unique campaign is valid through February 28th, 2011.

As of today, visitors of can earn discount by inviting family or friends to shop together live. Visitors, who click on the “ShopWithYourFriends” button next to a product, can invite their online friends at Facebook or Hyves (a dutch social network) to shop together in real-time. The group discount will be granted as soon as the online friends accept their invite and when they join the live shopping session with their friend. The discount rate will increase as soon as a friend joins the live shopping session. With Shopwithyourfriends at, online shoppers can enjoy a real-time co-shopping experience. They are able to ask their friends for live advice or recommendations and to share and discuss products together. With the Shopwithyourfriends application, people can invite up to 5 friends to shop together and to create fashionable outfits together. The discount applies to all fashion items at and the group discount campaign will last through Monday February 28, 2011.

ShopWithYourFriends is very enthusiastic about the unique campaign with OTTO. “Group Discount offers a great trigger to invite your online friends to shop together in real-time at Real-time online co-shopping is a fun and interactive experience; with this campaign visitors can now also earn discounts! “Said Laurens Bushoff, CEO and co-founder of Chatventure.

Chatventure is the company behind Shopwithyourfriends, and is based in Utrecht. The ShopWithYourFriends application is real-time social web shopping possible.

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