Dutch cannabis coffee shop ban, harms tourism

Dutch cannabis coffee shop ban, harms tourism

The new Dutch government decision to ban foreigners from buying cannabis in Dutch cannabis coffee shops will have a negative impact on foreign tourism to the Netherlands. “And especially to Amsterdam, according to the Dutch Board of Tourism & Conventions (NBTC).

The organization is currently doing an immediate investigation into the economic impact and image of the capital.

A quarter of the tourists also visit a coffee shop, while one in ten especially come to Amsterdam to visit coffee shops. According to head of the largest Dutch tour operator TUI, the decision would clearly make an negative impact for Amsterdam.

“The coffee shops belong to our culture”. Like the Red light district. It is a huge tourist attraction for the city. “That will really hit the city bad. Also many young foreigners after their first visit will not return at an older age when they have more money.

The Netherlands has one of Europe’s most liberal soft drug policies and its coffee shops are a popular tourist attraction, especially in Amsterdam and border cities near Belgium and Germany.

Amsterdam, home to 223 coffee shops, is already in the process of closing some in the red light district to tackle criminal activity in the area, and was studying the government proposal.

The government‘s plans for a tourist ban, whereby only holders of a resident’s pass would be allowed to buy hash, has not yet been formally put into law and no timeframe has been proposed.

  • Chris V

    Looking at this from outside the Netherlands, I completely agree this would harm tourism. Cannabis is an easy way to generate money from tourism and from taxing sales of cannabis. I have no understanding as to why the Netherlands would want to get rid of it for tourist use. That would mean increasing taxes on the Netherlands residents in order to maintain the same government benefits currently paid for by tourists.

  • Omg, i like cannabis so taxes are not good because so i have to pay more or i get less weed

  • Baz

    What a joke, first it was the Red light district and now cannabis. Why not just close the ports and airports and stop tourists getting in altogether. Talk about killing the goose that lays the golden egg.

  • Isaak

    this is just wrong!

    i cannot believe that the CDA government has a glimpse of what she is about to do! this will have bad effects not only on tourism, also the black market will rise like never before!!
    just because you forbid or ban something it soesnt mean the demand will disappear!!
    f*ck the CDA – you have no idea what you’re abou to do!

  • Rob

    Silly silly of them. Likely feeling the pressure of the world christian government that pushes it’s agenda on every country.

    You can be left to starve on the street in any country, or left without health care, but don’t you dare get high! LOL

    Completely unenforceable as well good luck with that!

  • Troy

    This is so stupid, why not look more into licensing and treat it more like alchohol rather than just ban it. Do you really think torist will stop comming? No we will not but when we do we will look for it by other means. Why fall in line with everyone else. I am willing to bet abuse of the same DRUG is worse in countries that do not allow for the use legally. If they have got it so wrong why would you follow them?
    This is what a UK paper found.
    In the Netherlands 9.5 per cent of young adults (aged 15–34) consume soft drugs once a month, comparable to the level of Finland (8 per cent), Latvia (9.7 per cent) and Norway (9.6 per cent).

    Those figures are much less than in the UK, where it is estimated that 13 per cent of 15-34-year olds smoke at least once a month.
    Italy lead the way, with 20.9 per cent, and next are Czech Republic (19 per cent), Spain (18.8 per cent) and France (16.7 per cent).

    Why would you change what you are doing when it clearly works. You are already controilling its use to good effect.

    When tourist that smoke go abroad to other countries they still smoke!

  • Sativasteve420

    I have been to Amsterdam 5 times in the past 2 years since turning 18, and have 2 more trips lined up for this year. I have spent thousands visiting Amsterdam to smoke legally, I even smoked infront of my parents for the first time ever in Amsterdam. It would be a real shame if the city lost its coffee shops to us tourists. I go to Amsterdam instead of going on these rowdy binge drinking holidays that people my age, 19 & 20, normally would, instead I choose to go to a city where I feel free. Free to smoke legally and without worrying about the law. I have fallen in love with the city, not just for the coffee shops, but for the parks, the streets, the buildings, the museums and the history.

  • rorydennis

    I have been to Holland heaps of time specifically for the coffee shops.

    There is no trouble.. very narrow minded approach to ban tourists.. also bad for the legitimate economy

  • rgrehrehrehdfhfhfh

    is this against EU anti discrimination legislation?

  • Julas

    Have they banned it or is it still time to visit these coffeshops for us foreigners 😛

  • Kel

    I had planned to visit amsterdam in early December with my partner for the first time. We were looking forward to a peaceful weekend away to experience the culture including smoking legally in a coffee shop. However if tourists are not going to be able to smoke legally then I will cancel the trip. But we will need to book our flights soon and there does not seem to be any information about when this legislation would come into effect. Can anyone help?

  • Otto3

    My wife and I are amature couple who have traveled to the Netherlands many times. We enjoy the country and Amsterdam’s laidback feeling. But a part of this is the coffeeshops and the culture around them. It’s unique. All I can say is, as a tourist’ if we are banned from the shops, we will not be coming back. We cause no trouble, but we do spend thousands of Euros on food, museums, drinks, accomadations, and KLM tickets. I believe every non citizen should boycott all Dutch products. Shell oil, Philips, KLM, ING, beer, liquor, and all farm products. I am sure I am forgeting something, but I think the idea is clear. You want economic impact? There it is.

  • Flyington

    My wife and I are visiting Europe next year. The UK, France, Austria and Amsterdam were on our list. Guess which one is no longer on that list? Talk about shooting yourself in the foot! I guess America isn’t the only country being ruled by idiots!!! Welcome Amsterdam, to the depression!

  • So they want to replace tourists with drug dealers? That’s an interesting concept.

    I see the right-wing party doesn’t mind all the drunken idiots who go over there, causing far more trouble and destruction.

    It’s about time we swapped corporate politicians in favour of intellectuals willing to act on behalf of the people they represent, not the people who pay for their election campaigns.

  • Robert

    Will pass on Amsterdam if this goes in effect. It’s a shame that the cultish religious groups seem to think they know best for everyone. Other European countries will get our tourist money. Wooden shoes and Windmills don’t work like Welcome and Weed!

  • Charliepirate

    the worrying thing here is that you have a right wing government that wants a list of all dutch nationals who smoke pot then what happens when they change their stance on cannabis all together and then they have a list of people they know are breaking the law and can be prosecuted for it, now that is a dangerous thought and surely is illegal

  • Bangkokmagus

    I travel to Amsterdam every year in the Summer. This will now stop simply as a form of protest…even though I have tried smoking at one of the coffee shops only one time. I simply don’t want to support religious cults and their influence on government.

  • Paul Mason

    I have been to Amsterdam a number of times, it’s my favorite city. I think the Dutch will ignore this stupid ban just like they still ignore the smoking ban. It’s the only place I’ve been where publicans ask you why you are smoking outside then give you an ashtray! Get some lions and feed the christian government to them.

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