Dutch spent the most time on commuting of all Europeans

Dutch employees travel 50 minutes on average per day. That’s more than five minutes longer than the Hungarians and the British – the numbers two and three on the list. The Norwegians and Austrians spent the least time on commuting, accroding to a report by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Aart Jan de Geus, former minister and current Deputy Secretary-General of the organization, this is a signal about the inflexibility of the Dutch economy. “Why are Dutch people living far from their work? On the one hand due to the strict employment protection and secondly, the design of the housing market. ”

It is striking that in the Netherlands more than 20% of the workers, spent more than one hour on commuting every day. It plays a big role in congestion in the Randstad.

The public transport in the Netherlands, which has not grown along with the fact that more and more employees work further away from their work place, according to De Geus. In 1950, 55% of employees are using public transportation in the Netherlands and sixty years later only 10%.

Although the figures are somewhat dated – from 2005 – the picture has not changed according to De Geus. “Still, the Netherlands is the European champion in commuting. Time has become more rather than less. ”

The development of the Dutch road and rail networks lags behind other countries is one reason, according to the OECD.

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