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Computer virus shuts down Dutch Hospital

The entire computer network at a Dutch hospital in Horn had to be closed down after it was hit by a virus attack on Wednesday.

In the operating room, only emergency cases could be conducted a number of and patients were forced to make arrangements at other hospitals, according to the hospital spokesman.

The computer virus, which has not yet been identified, struck during the weekend. As soon as it was spotted the hospital network was shut down to prevent it spreading.

The computer virus scanned usernames in the system and is then trying random passwords. Because the computer user accounts are block after five unsuccessful password entry attempts, many employees could not logon to the hospital system on Wednesday. Also, the system was extremely slow.

From multiple scans it became clear that it is a mutation of a older virus which appeared last year, . It is not known how the virus could enter Hospital Westfriesgasthuis the network. External experts and their IT staff is investigating this.

According to the Hospital there is no danger that the virus will steal confidential patient information. The system is “100 percent proof,” he says. He expects that the computers in the hospital will be virus proof on Thursday.

It’s unclear if this virus is entirely unique, but it does highlight the challenges of security. Other hospitals in the Netherlands have been warned by the hospital.