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Dutch Construction Company Expands Into Africa

The Dutch Construction Company, Remco Afrique, specialized in building industrial premises, is expanding its activities into Africa. In several emerging African markets there is a large demand for new industrial buildings. The first project was in Gabon where three industrial buildings are being built with a total surface of 23,650 square meters.

The projects in Gabon correspond with the ambitions of Remco Afrique to remain a leading international player in the development and construction of industrial premises. Besides expansion of the company in Eastern Europe and the Caribbean, the African continent will be the company’s third growth market. The goal for the coming years is to achieve in Africa three to four buildings per year. Besides Gabon there are new order requests from Nigeria, Ghana and Zambia.

The CEO of Remco Afrique, Mr Jan van Vulpen: “Thanks to the strong economic growth in Africa, demand is increasing for large industrial buildings. We currently have over 200,000 square meters of demands in different countries. Our expertise for this type of building is excellent and we can offer very competitive bids. It is through this that we got orders from Gabon.”

Steel construction offers a fantastic alternative to traditional construction methods. Thanks to the specific characteristics of the system, Remco Afrique can produce structures with large spans and yet relatively low own weight. A free span allows great freedom in managing the available space.

The construction concept of Remco Afrique is based on minimum use of steel. The lower the weight, the lower the costs. The pre-fabricated buildings are built in collaboration with local craftsmen.

With its wide range of activities and its potential for growth in the new markets in Africa, Remco Afrique is little affected by the crisis in the construction sector in the Netherlands.

Remco Afrique is a division of the Dutch Construction Company, Remco Ruimtebouw, one of the leading manufacturers of industrial buildings in Europe and beyond. This company is located in Best and since 1972 active in the field of industrial buildings in the Netherlands, Caribbean, Central and Eastern Europe. It has offices in the Netherlands (Best), Poland (Lodz), Romania (Bucharest), Bulgaria (Sofia) and Ukraine (Kiev). The companies have about 70 employees and an annual average turnover of approximately EUR 40 million.

Source: Remco Ruimtebouw