Cost of security in the Netherlands surges to 13 Billion euros

Cost of security in the Netherlands surges to 13 Billion euros

Spending on crime prevention and fighting crime, corruption and harassment topped 13 billion euros in 2012. This comes to 780 euros per person according to figures released by Statistics Netherlands. Spending on security has been about the same since 2009.

In 2012 security cost over 13 billion. That is an average of 780 euros per capita, 3 euros more than in 2011. Between 2002 and 2009 the average spending on security per person increased by two digit figures but they have hardly increased since.

Ministry of Security and Justice is the largest financier
Central government is by far the largest financier of security in the Netherlands, contributing over 9.5 billion euros or 73 percent of the total. The largest financier within central government is the Ministry of Security and Justice. The police, prison services and much of the justice system come under this Ministry. The private sector pays 14 percent of security costs. Households contribute 8 percent, especially by preventative measures in and around the home. Local governments contribute the remaining 5 percent.

Most spending on prevention
Almost half of all spending on security in 2012 went to prevention, namely 6 billion euros. Dutch police and security companies are the largest providers. Over one fifth goes to criminal investigation, mainly by the police. Another 18 percent was spent on carrying out sentences, mainly by the prison services. The remaining 14 percent spent on security went to prosecution, trials, support for suspects and perpetrators, victim support, legal aid and other activities. The distribution of security spending among the various providers is more or less the same as in 2011.

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