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Crabzilla world’s biggest crab coming to the Netherlands

The biggest living crab, Europe has ever seen, is coming to Scheveningen the Netherlands.

With its enormous legs and lethal claws, this monster of the deep is already the biggest crab ever seen in Europe.

Nicknamed ‘Crabzilla‘ after the fictional giant monster, the Japanese Spider Crab has a body the size of a basketball and its legs can straddle a car.

The Japanese giant spider crab has a wingspan of 3.5 meters and was caught late last year in the Pacific Ocean. The animal was first caught in the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham and then moved to Sea Life Blankenberge.

The crab will be in Sea Life Scheveningen, starting Tuesday. The crab weighs 15 kilos and has a span of 4.5 meters when fully grown.

Giant crabs appear on the sandy soils along the coasts of Japan, China and Taiwan at a depth of 200 to 300 meters. They move slowly on the bottom of the sea.