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Cross-eyed Opossum Heidi becomes Internet Sensation

A cross-eyed opossum named Heidi in Germany has become a worldwide Internet sensation.

Since the first photos were published in December, the marsupial from Leipzig Zoo has attracted more Facebook fans than Chancellor Angela Merkel. By now more than 200,000 fans from as far away as Bangkok and Montreal and clear across Europe were exclaiming “so cute!!” and “so sweet.”

She was abandoned in the US with her sister and moved to Germany in May.

She is the latest animal to win fame in Germany, after Paul the Octopus gained worldwide attention for predicting the 2010 World Cup results.

According to Der Spiegel, Heidi became known after reporters from the German tabloid Bild went to photograph animals that will be part of Gondwanaland, a newly themed area at the zoo. After they became public, photos of the creature became a sensation.

Heidi has also inspired a song, written by Stefan Langner, and sung by three young girls, which has become an internet hit on YouTube.

The clip attracted so much attention on the internet, the station has developed 10 episodes featuring Heidi and a local stuffed animal manufacture, Koesen, has adapted its line of plush opossums to include a white one with black ears and, of course, crossed-eyes.

While Leipzig Zoo says it is not actively engaging in marketing at this time, the attention will most certainly boost admittance, and thus revenue.