No “culture of poverty” in the Netherlands

No “culture of poverty” in the Netherlands

Dutch children coming from impoverished families are able to escape their situation. The institute Sociaal en Cultureel Planbureau (SPC, `Social and Cultural Planning Desk` ) examined a group of children who were brought up in an impovershed family. The investigation started in 1985. Nowadays, 93% of the examined people have an income above the poverty line. The groups consists of people between 32 and 36 years of age.

Still, Dutch children growing up in a poor family have a higher chance of struggling financially too. From this group, 7% doesn`t earn an income above the poverty line. Children growing up in families above the poverty line, only have a chance of 4% to end up below the poverty line themselves. In general, children from poor families have a lower educational degree. This lowers their chances to obtain a permanent job. The SCP recommends the Dutch government to tackle the problem of poverty among children. It is a structural problem, so there is a need for structural solutions.

Paul de Crom, the State Secretary of Social Affairs, is happy with the results of the research. According to him, it shows that Dutch society allows you to transform from a `penny` into a `dime`.

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