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Cycling for a world record

The Netherlands will make an attempt to break a world record cycling on March 31, with Whole Netherlands Cycles (Heel Nederland fietst). The attempt for the world record involves one million people cycling simultaneously.

With whole Netherlands Bikes, the Dutch needs to cycle millions of kilometers together to enter the Guinness Book of Records. Participants can see on the web how many calories they burn and the CO2 emissions output.

The Dutch organization for Cyclists want to show that cycling is an easy way to get your daily exercise in a fun way.

Why cycling?
Cycling is an easy form of exercise is quite easy fit in the daily rhythm. Particularly small (er) distances up to 7 kilometer we too often opt for the car. Cycling contributes to the health of people: three times a week three kilometers back and forth bike condition improves to 10%. And don’t forget that cycling also contributes in reducing CO2 emissions.

Whole Netherlands bikes on March 31, are you interested? It’s easy, sign up.

For more information or signing up visit